About Me

About me...


Hi, my name is Luca 'ellekappa' Spallarossa (here  is my curriculum vitae)

I was born the 11 of July 1975 and now I  am studying Electronic Engineering at the University of Genoa. I started  computer programming on a Sinclair ZX81, then I switched to a Commodore 128D.  Then I had a marvellous Amiga 500 and finally I arrived at the x86 world. All my  PCs were home-made and I started with a 486DX2 with 4 Mb memory and 250 Mb hard  drive and I arrived to a AMD K6/2 300 MHz with 128 Mb DIMMs and 8.4 Gb Hd  (passing for a Pentium 133 and a Pentium 200 MMX). I enjoy programming in C++  (Borland and Visual) and Visual Basic. I also work ad system administrator of  Win NT networks and I made some works with DBMS like Oracle and Informix. With  telecommunications I started late and when I begun was the era of GSM. My phones  where all Nokia. I started with the fabulous 2110, then a 3110, 6110  and finally 6150 that I have customised with personal ringing tone, group  graphic and operator logo. Now, the last step, is to activate the Net  Monitor

Update 27/4/1999:
Finally I have the Net Monitor  activated ! I opened my phone and flashed the eeprom but right now I discovered  a way to activate it without having to open the phone. Just a prog and the mbus cable.

Update 3/12/2000
Hi there! So many month are gone from the last update... Now I have a wonderful Nokia 6210, obviously with netmonitor active ;)
Anyway Iím still working to add new informations to my site, I hope you still enjoy browsing it...



April 7, 1999