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Total Access

Total Access is a small utility i wrote mainly to read and modify Microsoft MDB Access’ files without the need of a copy ot the program itself (that i don’t want to buy!).

Actually Total Access can browse any ODBC Source (provided you have the right ODBC drivers installed).

Total Access in still in beta stage but a first functional build has been released.

It can connect to any ODBC source (provided you supply the correct DSN file).

After the DSN has been selected you’ll be presented with a window with the list of tables in database, just click a table and you’ll see it’s structure and the content of the table.

You can decide not to load automatically the content of the table (usefull if table is populated with tons of records) and to filter the records based on a WHERE like condition (but without WHERE clause).
Additionally you can sort the records just clicking on the column header and execute any (valid) sql query just writing it into the appropriate field and pressing the button “Execute SQL”.

Download TotalAccess 0.01

Download MFC42.DLL

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