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Have you ever wished to be to able to use the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) on your Dreambox?

If your provider use Media Highway tecnology now you can!

Just download EPGdb and unpack the zip file. Then copy with an ftp program (if you don't know where to find one try Bullet Proof FTP) the content of the PlugIn directoty into /var/tuxbox/plugins on your Dreambox (or, in the case of unofficial images, in the plugin directory used by your plugin) and than press the blue key on the remote.
If you like to tweak with the configuration of the plugin just edit the epgui.conf file (a sample can be found in the config directory) and place it into /var/spallared on the dreambox).

Important information about recording and current event focus:
If the current event is not hilighted in the right way and/or timer recordings are wrong, follow these procedure to set up correctly the plugin:
Open the /var/spallared/epgui.conf file with any text-editor and check for the lines:


and change them to:


if the lines are not present (or if there is a “#” at the beginning) add them or remove the “#”.

Now, check the EPG and change the value of the first field (localOffset) to correctly focus the current broadcasted event. This number means the seconds to add (or subtract if there is the minus sign in front of it) to the current time read from the transponder.
When focus of the currently broadcasted event is ok try to schedule an event and, if necessary, change the startOffsetTmr value to fix shifts that can occurs between the scheduled event and the time of the event shown in EPGdb... the value of this parameter follows the same rules of the previous one.
Finally, change (if you like) the endOffsetTmr parameter to add seconds of recording at the end of the event (this is usefull if your provider doesn’t respect at-second the scheduled time).

Check the “Advanced configuration page” for other tweaking you can do editing epgui.conf file...
I.E., if you want to modify the directory where the EPG cache file is stored, you can do that adding a line like:


You can also customize the language of the plugin just adding the appropriate configuration file into /var/spallared/epgui_conf.lang as you can see editing the example file as described before.

To edit the config file use a UNIX compatible text editor (not notepad!) or edit it directly on the box with vi. A great and freeware text editor can be found here: http://www.crimsoneditor.com/

Then, go to the channel broadcasting EPG and press green key to download the guide. You have to do that every time you like to update the EPG.

Here you can find the right channel for some provider, if you know some other please let me know so that i’ll add them to the table.

Canal+/Canal Satellite France

Astra 19.2E




Canal Digitaal

Astra 19.2E




Canal Satelite Digital

Astra 19.2E




Sky Italy

Hot Bird 13E





Hot Bird 13E








Timer programming:
To program the timer directly from the plugin the name of the channels in the bouquet list of the Dreambox must be the same of the EPG channel names.
In the case the names differ it’s possibile to specify the match just adding a key to the configuration file as specified in the
advanced configuration page. The configuration file can also be used to correct the time offset between the time of the scheduled event and the real time of the broadcasted event


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For question or any discussion about the EPGdb plugin visit the official forum at:

EPGdb is free software for personal and non-profit use. For commercial and business use contact the author at address:


Buon EPG a tutti!

Lastest version (for 1.09-based images! ... thanks to MusicBob):
Download it! (ver 2.00)

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