Rev. 2.00

Bug fixes:

  • Compiled for 1.09 images (thanks to MusicBob!)

Rev. 1.01

Bug fixes:

  • Changed timer scheduling function to work on newest 1.074 enigma-based images (SF 3.2, Hydra... etc etc)

Known bugs:

  • On SF 3.2 the Timer’s event name it’s not parsed correctly (but the timer works anyway!)

Rev. 1.00

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed erroneous end time when localOffset not zero

Rev. 1.00-beta 4

Bug fixes:

  • Timer: finally seems to be ok! (i’ll not touch it anymore.. promise!)
  • Missing library when running plugin on official 1.074 image was solved (makefile issue)

New features / improvements:

  • Added a preliminary configuration dialog (under utils)
  • Changed the view of the currently selected filter and view mode

Rev. 1.00-beta 3

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug of born with beta-2 when programming an event
  • Fixed crashed occurring when more than 15.000 events present in epg.dat
  • Fixed minor bugs in user interface

New features / improvements:

  • Code improvements for next releases (still not visible.. but present ;))
  • Memory optimization and a more efficient memory allocation implemented
  • Two new keys added for low memory conditions
  • Used new CDK&Makefile to build plugin.. (thanks to Nostromo@sat-forum ;))

Rev. 1.00-beta 2


  • Fixed bug when reading time from channels broadcasting time in GMT + offset format
  • Fixed focus going on invisible window when closing window with LAME key
  • Fixed occasional crashes when closing Search window

New features/improvements:

  • Added the capability to zap to current selected channel in Channel View (with key “9”)
  • Added the capability to customize how many “next-events” to be displayed in Grid View

Rev. 1.00-beta 1

It’s time to release the first official-but-beta release of EPGdb..
A new 4-view layout has been implemented and about 80% of the code has been rewritten. Now plugin is faster, more stable, scalable and uses less memory (about 900 Kb instead of 1.5 Mb)... anyway it’s still beta so, check it and kindly report to me any bug.

Rev. 0.11

Finally implemented the Filter/Search function.

Rev. 0.10d

Added in the PlugIn_HEAD folder the new EPGdb for images based on 1.07 ... now really works! ;)
Also splitted language configuration file from settings’ one.

Rev. 0.10c

Added in the PlugIn_HEAD folder the new EPGdb for images based on 1.07

Rev. 0.10b

Added in the PlugIn_HEAD folder the new EPGdb built with the current HEAD CDK... still untested but should work with newest images.

Rev. 0.10

A lot of bug fixes in multiEPG code (Lame doesn’t reset enigma anymore ;), fixed a bug when reading current time, a a bug in grid view.

Rev. 0.09

A lot of new code implemented for new functionalities, added the capability to check for timer overlapping and rewritten part of the code relative to the timer.

Rev. 0.08

Fixed a bug relative to 100% cpu load after plugin terminates

Rev. 0.07

Finally timer programmation from the EPG plugin works on (all?) images

Rev 0.06

Never saw the light because of a bad bug with timer schedule

Rev 0.05

First rude attempt at schedule the timer... work only on some image

Rev 0.04

Various bugfixes and ability to customize lots of options

Rev 0.03

Added the capability to manage multiple EPG data file (have to be enabled with config file)

Rev 0.02

Bugfixes in the Download EPG code

Rev 0.01

First public release